Speaking at Ideas & Inspiration

If you have an inspiring and thought provoking idea you’d like to share at the Ideas & Inspiration stage, we want to hear from you! Please use our speaker application form. 

About Our Speakers

At I&I, we are always on the lookout for speakers with a with a great message to take stage and inspire the world. Our speakers are from all walks of life and bring with them diverse life experiences, perspectives, and lessons to help others lead a more meaningful life. I&I seeks thought leaders and change makers, both emerging and established, to take stage and inspire our global community of lifelong learners.

FAQ: Speaking at I&I

I&I isn't a typical conference where expectations are low and commitment is optional. At I&I, the audience expectations of the speakers are high and the I&I speaker team work with speakers well in advance of the conference to help shape a presentation that will succeed on the I&I stage.

How do I apply to be a speaker?
Use our speaker application form, and fill in as much information as you can. This form goes directly to our speaker selection team.

Will I be guaranteed a speaking slot if I apply?
No. Speakers are selected based on the quality, originality, or uniqueness of the idea being proposed.

Is prior speaking experience needed?
No. While past speaking experience helps us gauge the suitability of your speaking style to our audience, we accept applications from anyone with a great idea. The speaker team works with every speaker individually and collectively to ensure proper guidance, coaching, and mentorship is given accordingly.

I want to speak at I&I but want to skip the rehearsals. Can I just show up at the event and speak? 
We strictly enforce the mandatory rehearsal sessions at i&I to ensure speakers deliver talks to the best of their abilities. We've found that a carefully prepared presentation have astonishing impact.

What do you pay speakers?
I&I does not pay speakers. We do, of course, provide pre-conference coaching and training, beautifully produced videos and high quality event photography.