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Vulnerability Is The New Visibility
- Simone de Haas

Vulnerability is the new Visibility is a creative, intuitive and intriguing journey into the many aspects of unmasking our authentic self, using the lens of multiple theatrical personalities. Simone shares personal perspectives and insights from the most iconic mask of them all, The Phantom of the Opera, through to the Aristotle-inspired characters of Les Miserables, coloured with a collective of whimsical CATS. Simone reveals how our greatest visibility comes from a willingness to remove our masks and allow our vulnerability to show up centre stage.

Tay Guan Hin - I&I Oct 2019

How to Create Online Content That Grabs Attention In Seconds - Tay Guan Hin

Has our attention span become shorter than the attention span of a goldfish? Expert studies seem to think so! We're currently living in an online world of massive information and these days, we’re exposed to more information than ever before. From social media posts to news and entertainment promotions, people are being constantly fed with attention seeking content and it has become easy to brush aside information deemed irrelevant. So how can we then effectively grab the attention of people with our online content, be it our social circle, business network, or customers? The answer is by creating "Thumb-Stopping Content”. In this illuminating talk, Guan Hin shares 3 creative principles you can use to create online content that will hold the attention of people and increase your brand's visibility in seconds.


The Curious Days Before Mobile Phones
- Jude Lim

There was a time not too long ago where telephones were all wired to the wall. No text messages, no internet, no social media and no smartphones for instant information and entertainment, and the only way people were connected to the outside world were through traditional mediums such as watching the news, reading the papers, and talking to people. Yes, making eye contact, smiling, and talking to people for the fun of it. Oh how the world has changed and how we have all changed in the process. Posing a simple question, “Has technology made us forget how to stop and smell the roses?”, Jude shares what it was like growing up in a world without mobile phones where even the simplest task of meeting a friend for coffee in a crowded public place took extensive planning and commitment where your word was your bond.


The Future of Decision Making
- Grant Rawlinson

For the past 100 years, ‘efficiency’ was the magic ingredient to success. As the world enters the fourth industrial revolution, change, uncertainty, complexity and disruption are everyday challenges. Efficiency has now been replaced with ‘adaptability’. To thrive in this new world we need to fundamentally change the way we work and make decisions together. Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson will share the decision-making culture needed in order to not just survive but thrive in a complex world where the consequences of failure are high.


Learning to Appreciate Life
- Sudhir Pathak

Sudhir Pathak was going through life like everyone else  — until a sudden health discovery changed the fabrics of his reality. In this inspiring talk about hope, will, and survival, Sudhir shares his transformational journey of going through a life threatening ordeal, and the new insights he’s gained from the experience.





Hired over 2250 times as a keynote speaker, conference host, event emcee and panel moderator, Rob has  worked with over 550 companies, associations and professional conference organizers in 25 countries and 55 cities. He is a contributing author to fourteen books, dozens of published articles, ebooks, podcasts and variety of adult learning programs including ‘How to Promote, Market and Sell Your Greatest Asset...YOU’ and ‘How to MC or Host Just About Anything’. Rob was elected by industry peers to serve for two terms as President of the Professional Speakers Association based in Sydney with nearly 300 financial members (NSW / ACT) and as a Director on the Australian National Speakers Board 1999-2003. He completed the rigorous Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) curriculum in 2002 to join 550 other global speakers who had earned this international designation and has since helped or mentored several dozen other speakers to earn their own CSP designation.    



Jit Puru

Jit Puru is a professional conference speaker, peak performance strategist, and author who specialises in inspiring people to realise their inner potential and empowering them to be the best that they can be. Since 2014, Jit has spoken to thousands from all over the world at conferences and conventions on the topics of leadership, motivation, and peak performance for world-class organisations such as Motorola Solutions, DBS Bank, Great Eastern Life Assurance, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Samsung, Prudential, Carlsberg Asia, Flextronics, Cycle & Carriage, Here Technologies, and BDO. Jit published his first book “You Deserve Happiness: How To Attract And Achieve Success By Gaining Emotional And Mental Mastery” on the 15th of June 2016, after a year worth of research and writing. It has since sold more than 1000 copies to date and has been featured in various medias.